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The old story

The tongue was pierced to draw blood to propitiate the gods , and to create an altered state of consciousness so that the priest or shaman could communicate with gods.


nacaztli. ear. tehuilonacochtli. crystal ear plug. tehuilonacochtli. crystal ear plug. teocuitlanacoche. having golden ear plugs. the PHOTO:The Mayan funeral mask depicted above was made from jade, pyritem and shell. It was found in a burial tomb in Tikal one of the largest cities of the Classical period. It covered the face of a Maya noble around 527 A.D

tepoznacochtli. copper ear plug.

xiuhnacochtli. turquoise earplug.

zoquinacochtli. pottery ear plug.

acanacochtli. reed ear plug.

apozonalnacochtli. amber ear plug.

chalchiuhcoanacochtli. green stone serpent earplug.

ichalchiuhcoanacoch. his green stone serpent-shaped earplugs.

inacoch. his ear plug.

itecuitlacoyolnacoch. his golden shell earplugs.

iteocuitlanacoch. her golden ear plug.

itznacochtli. obsidian ear plug.

mayanacochtli. ear plug made of black beetles.

nacochtli. ear pendant; ear plug.

nacazchichipichtic. having droplet shaped ears; having ears like droplets.

nacazchichipichton. having droplet-shaped ears.

nacazhuihuiac. having long ears.

quinnacazcoyoniaya. they pierced their ears.

champochtli. earring.


Lip te:ntli lip.

tentetl. lip plug.
te:ntli. lip, edge.
teocuitla. gold.
teocuitlatempilolli. gold lip pendant.
teocuitlatentetl. gold lip plug.
chalchiuhtentetl. green stone lip plug.
intenteuh. their lip plugs.


tizacatlazaz. you will pierce your tongue with straws. tepilli. female genitals. tepolli. penis, stumpxipintli. foreskinyac(a)tl. nose.tetzacatl. sterile.ihtetl. bellycha:lchihu(i)tl. emerald co:zcatl. jewel, bead.

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